Desvres Ariana: the French ceramic that speaks Italian

The Desvres Ariana brand combines the experience of two historic international ceramic brands, offering the market a new approach to living space design, applicable to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Ariana, founded in 1967 in the province of Reggio Emilia as a tile packaging factory, soon became a red-body ceramic coating company, until it positioned itself as a reference brand in the field of medium and high-level tile segment. Remarkable the collaboration with the designer Pierre Cardin, who signed several successful ceramic tile collections in the 80s and 90s. Since its acquisition by ABK Group in 2000, Ariana continued to strengthen its presence on the market thanks to new technologies production and prestigious collections in porcelain stoneware, completed by large formats and slabs up to 120x280 cm.

Since its acquisition by ABK GROUP in March 2021, French ceramic company Desvres, founded in 1863, has been the subject of a large investment plan mainly focused on its historic production hub in Louvroil, where new tile sizes, including extra-thick versions for outdoor paving, have been introduced.